Bielenda Couperose Skin Anti-Redness Face Night Cream Capillary Repair 50ml

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Bielenda Couperose Skin is the line recommended for redness-prone skin with visible capillaries.The formula consists of effective active substances that act directly on a specific skin problem in a concentrated way.

Indications: Couperose Skin prone to redness and irritation, sensitive, hyper-reactive with a tendency to form the so-called “spider veins”.

The Strengthening and Regenerating Face Night Cream is a product concentrated on action that:

  • prevents the formation of new "spider veins" and reduces redness,
  • strengthens the hydrolipid barier of the epidermis and regenerates the skin
  • creates a delicate protective layer that increases the skin's resistance to damage
  • relives and soothes irritation
  • reduces hiper- reactivity of the skin and evens out its tone.

Active Ingredients:

Chestnut extract 2% prevent new spider veins formation, soothes irritation.

Vitamin C + E 2% reduces the discolourations, prevent wrinkle formation, improve skin conditio and its elasticity.

Lactobionic Acid 2% reinforces skin repair mechanisms, reduces visibility of dilated capillaries and redness, evens out skin tone and intensively hydrates.

D-Panthenol 2% easily absorbed through the stratum corneum, it has soothing and anti inflammation properties, moisturize and regenerates the skin leaving it soft and elastic.


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