Bielenda Dr Medica Dermatological Capillaries Face Cream Day/Night 50ml

Bielenda Dr Medica Dermatological Capillaries Face Cream Day/Night 50ml

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Dermatological, redness reducing cream contains specially developed formula NA-N 70 mg/1g consisting of strong active substances, which have direct effect on visible dilated capillaries in a condensed way.

Dr. Medica is a special line of derma cosmetics distinguished by precise, even medical approach to skin problems, heavily concentrated active ingredients appreciated by dermatologists and innovative, specially developed recipes that are targeted to a particular problem and effective action.

Indication for use: skin capillaries, prone to redness and irritation; sensitive, overactive, with a tendency to spider veins formation.

Active ingredients:

Lactobionic Acid – strengthens repair mechanisms of the skin, reduces visibility of dilated capillaries, strongly moisturizes.

Troxerutin – reduces blood vessels’ fragility, strengthens and protects them.

Horse Chestnut – seals up the walls of blood vessels and makes them more flexible, thus preventing their cracking. Improves skin blood circulation, prevents irritations.

D-Panthenol – has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizes and regenerates skin.


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