Bielenda Eco Nature Coconut Water Green Tea Detoxifying and Matting Cream 50ml

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A friend of mixed and oily skin

The cream contains 99% of natural ingredients that guarantee efficient detoxification of your skin. The cream regulates sebum secretion, perfectly mats the epidermis, reduces the visibility of pores, effectively improves the quality of problematic and prone to eczema skin.

Capacity: 50 ml.

What is important: it helps maintain a balanced, natural microbiom of the skin.

We enriched the formula with beneficial ingredients. Coconut water contains valuable nutrients for the skin, including amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Green tea is known for its sebaceous glands secretion normalising properties. It is a strong antioxidant, supports the fight against blackheads. Lemon grass has antibacterial properties and reduces the occurrence of acne lesions

What you should know

Effective cream with a rich, natural composition

99% of the ingredients are of natural origin

1% of the ingredients ensure the durability of the cosmetic and the comfort of application

Contains only natural fragrances

PETA Certified - #crueltyfree

Vegan formula

Eco Friendly

FSC-certified box - by purchasing this product, you help to take care of forests around the world

jar made in 30% of cullet

cap made in 30% of woodchip

packaging without cellophane #lessplastic

label printed on biofilm

remember about proper segregation of discarded packaging


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