Bielenda Good Skin Hydra Boost Moisturising Face Serum 30g

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The concentrated product has a strong moisturizing and nourishing effect and additionally supports the restoration of the optimal level of skin hydration without unnecessary burden on it.


The rich interior of our serum - see how good your skin can look: the recipe includes carefully selected, very effective active ingredients (with a concentration of as much as 5%!), Which will perfectly cope with dry epidermis.

hyaluronic acid - is one of the best cosmetic ingredients that protect the skin against drying out of the epidermis, it moisturizes it very intensively.

trehalose - reduces water loss in the skin, and has antioxidant, rejuvenating and strengthening properties, and additionally protects against harmful external factors.

Copper tripeptide - the "miracle" ingredient, many clinical studies confirm its anti-aging effect, reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity, firmness and tension.


What will your skin feel? First of all - hydration! Second - noticeable flexibility and nourishment!


Massage a few drops of the serum into the cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening. Use alone or as a base for Hydra Boost cream.

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