Bielenda Japan Lift Moisturising Anti-Wrinkle 40+ Day Face Cream SPF6 50ml

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Moisturising anti wrinkle cream for mature, sensitive skin, with signs of sagging with a light formula for the day, modelled on Japanese skin care patterns. It keeps demanding mature skin in excellent condition throughout the day.

The active ingredients contained in the cream reach the problematic areas with Japanese precision and release their potential there, actively stimulating the skin to regenerate. The cream moisturises thin, dry, mature skin intensively and deeply, effectively lifts the epidermis, firms it and makes it more elastic, slows down skin sagging, and smooths out wrinkles nicely. It supports skin regeneration and nourishment, reduces discolouration, restores healthy skin tone, radiance and glow. The cream's SPF 6 sunscreen protects the skin against photo ageing. Additionally, it contains Sake Extract natural rice ferment used for ages by Japanese geisha for skin care. Sake is rich in kojic acid with moisturising, regenerating and nourishing properties. It softens and smooths the skin, soothes irritation, supports the reduction of discolouration and nicely illuminates the skin.

Effect: Visible anti-ageing effects : smooth, firm, nicely taut, illuminated and radiant skin. Well hydrated skin, wrinkles and discolouration are reduced and less visible. Confirmed effectiveness of the cream* It moisturises the skin intensively - 92%, It restores youthful glow - 84% *In Vivo test carried out under the supervision of dermatologists on a group of 25 women for 4 weeks.


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