Bielenda Red Ginseng Anti-wrinkle Lifting Cream 50+ Day Night 50ml

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Lifting anti-wrinkle cream with a multifunctional formula created on effective Korean and Japanese care models means that demanding mature skin stays in excellent condition throughout the day and at night, when the regeneration process is most intense.

The active ingredients contained in the cream precisely reach problematic places, where they release their potential, actively stimulating the skin to regenerate. The cream nicely tightens and strengthens the skin, optimally moisturises, improves firmness and elasticity, reduces the visibility of wrinkles. Supports skin nourishment and reduction of discolouration, restores the skin's beautiful colour and radiance.

Korean Red Ginseng contains a natural composition of strong antioxidants (including vitamin A, influenza B vitamins, vitamin C), it affects the regeneration and strengthening of the skin. Firms, tones, smoothes and wrinkles. Restores freshness and radiance to grey skin.

Japanese Shiitake Mushroom is a strong antioxidant, rich in vitamins A, B, C and D, acids and minerals. Contains kojic acid to lighten discolouration and pigmentation spots caused by ageing. Perfectly moisturises, retains moisture in the skin, firms, tones, restores the skin a nice colour.

Gingko biloba contains large amount of antioxidants, which affects the appearance of the skin. It improves skin firmness and tone. Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, providing the skin with adequate hydration and flexibility.

As a result, the skin becomes smooth, firm and nicely illuminated. The skin is well moisturised, wrinkles and discolouration less visible.


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