Bielenda Vegan Muesli Moisturizing & Soothing Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin 15ml

Bielenda Vegan Muesli Moisturizing & Soothing Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin 15ml

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Eye cream with carefully selected active vegan ingredients, the formula ensures year-round effective active care of thin skin around the eyes. The cream provides deep hydration and effectively soothes the skin, makes dark circles under the eyes less visible and makes the look more radiant, improves the appearance and the condition of the sensitive skin. Its light texture does not burden the skin, is perfectly absorbed and decreases the signs of tiredness. 

D-Panthenol + Allantoin – these ingredients have strong soothing and moisturising properties. They soothe skin redness and reduce irritation. They protect the epidermis against harmful influence of external factors.

Wheat germ oil – it is characterised by the highest content of Vitamin E among all plant oils. It is effectively absorbed by the skin, regenerates and nourishes it. It perfectly restores the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, preventing moisture loss. The ingredient comes from organic farming. 

Oats extract – the nutrients it contains sooth the skin, soften and moisturise it. It is characterised by a high content of Tocopherol compounds, it deeply penetrates the epidermis, restoring its firmness and flexibility. The ingredient comes from organic farming

Application: Massage the cream into the skin around the eyes every morning and evening. A handy tube with a precise dispenser allows for accurate application of the preparation around the eyes.


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