Dr Sante Argan Hair Mask for Damaged Hair Intensive 3 Step Regeneration 300ml

Dr Sante Argan Hair Mask for Damaged Hair Intensive 3 Step Regeneration 300ml

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The formula of Argan Hair line contains Argan oil, a precious natural ingredient, which rebuilds hair structure from the inside and outside. By penetrating deep into the hair, it closes hair cuticle, which prevents split ends. It envelopes the hair from the outside, smoothes its surface and retains moisture for a long time, thus increasing hair's softness and elasticity. Keratin, which is a basic hair building element, reaches the parts that require additional reinforcement, protects hair from harmful effects of environmental factors. Wheat proteins strengthen and rebuild the hair, reducing brittleness by 80%.

Creamy mask intensely regenerates weakened and damaged hair, thanks to a wealth of ingredients. The ultra-modern mask formula provides 3-step hair regeneration: - remains on the hair surface: adds shine and softness, facilitates combing, protects hair from environmental factors, - penetrates the hair protective layer: increases hair resistance to breaking, - penetrates deep into the hair cortex: it is easily absorbed, strengthens, regenerates and protects hair from the inside.

The result is visible already after the first application: hair becomes smooth, flexible and pleasant to the touch. The mask does not contain parabens or mineral oils.


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