Dermofuture Lip Glass Glow Lip Filler Push Up Serum Plumber 12ml

Dermofuture Lip Glass Glow Lip Filler Push Up Serum Plumber 12ml

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Clinically certified lip filler!

Lip Glass Glow which enhances and fills out the lips is the alternative to a permanent lip augmentation. Clinically certified, thanks to its micronized structure and Super Size Complex content it restores color to lips and makes them fuller. Furthermore, it improves circulation and works mechanically as a pillow, a support for sunken skin. Innovative technology not only does not irritate the lips but also stimulates their smoothness and reduces unattractive wrinkles on the chin.

Vitamin B5 easily penetrates deep into the skin, decreases loss of water through the epidermis and efficiently moisturizes the skin ensuring its softness and flexibility. Vitamin E, known also as a vitamin of youth, is one of the most efficient eliminator of free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin. It penetrates the skin efficiently and fast, reinforcing its barriers. As a result, lipid layers, collagen fibers, and elastin are rebuilt in the epidermis which gets more protection against external factors. Castor oil has amazing effect in the form of long-term moistening and glazing of the skin of lips. Clinical tests confirm visibly bigger lips and smaller wrinkles.

Please note this is not a real injection and does not require a needle. The lip filler is in the form of cream and should be applied as any lip balm.  

Every application of the Lip Filler provides lips with a unique glow!
Instructions for use: Apply preparation on the skin several times a day. For the best effect use in the evening, before going to sleep. Several minutes after the first application lips become fuller and firmer, have better color. Wrinkles around the lips get smaller. After 28 days of application lips become enhanced and fuller and wrinkles around them disappear. 


Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Lilley

Did not recieve refund was given.

Lip glass glow filler

Doesn’t work makes no difference

marie davis
Doesn’t work

Have tried this everyday for over a week and lips have not changed, waste of money, does nothing like advertised

Waste of money

Did absolutely nothing to my lips except make them extremely sticky.

Michala Young
Actually shocked

Works within 10mins of first application

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