Dermofuture Power Bees Protective Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Day & Night 15ml

Dermofuture Power Bees Protective Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Day & Night 15ml

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Anti-wrinkle, brightening, lifting, and nourishing eye cream. Restoring balance to the skin microbiome. Gentle formula recommended for those who wish to brighten the area under the eyes, reduce dark circles and delay aging. Black BeeOme™ is a honey elixir produced by a very rare dark bee, Apis mellifera mellifera. Honey fermented with Zymomonas mobilis bacteria helps to restore the balance of skin microflora. Protects against external factors such as air pollution, hard water, low and high temperatures. Colloidal gold slows down the loss of elastin and collagen in the skin, thanks to which it corrects wrinkles and the skin becomes firm and supple. Contains also Pentapeptide-48 identical to the peptide contained in royal jelly, which delays skin aging. Accelerates epidermis regeneration, brightens and smoothes the eye area. 


  • restores the balance of the skin microbiome
  • brightens, lifts, and nourishes the skin under the eyes
  • has anti-wrinkle effect

How to use:

Every morning and evening gently pat the cream into cleansed skin under the eyes. To achieve the desired effect, use together with other Power Bees products: Cleansing foam with 2 in 1 enzymatic peeling and Anti-wrinkle protective cream. Perfect as a makeup base.

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