Eveline Nail Therapy Express Nail Hardener Super Concentrated Treatment 12ml

Eveline Nail Therapy Express Nail Hardener Super Concentrated Treatment 12ml

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Z wliczonym podatkiem. Koszt wysyłki obliczony przy realizacji zakupu.

The nails are clearly stronger after 72 hours

The highest concentration of ingredients responsible for curing.

  1. Super intensive treatment works on all identified signs of nail weakness (softness, cracking, splitting, uneven surface, lack of gloss).
  1. The latest generation formula with double content of 4% Ultra-Keratin ™ curing ingredients
  1. Innovative 72H Time Release ™ technology gradually penetrates the plate, releasing the double power of reinforcement ingredients. The condition of the nails from root to tip improves day by day.
  1. The express recipe is actively involved in the nail repair process. Increases the integrity of keratin fibers, saturating the tile with substances that improve its strength and appearance. The nails become thicker and stronger, like rebuilt. 


Maximum concentrated formula that perfectly protects and hardens nails, and is also able to penetrate the nail plate, ensuring their reconstruction from the inside.

After 1 application - super-hard coating protects nails against 100% micro-damage. Further splitting is stopped.

After 3 days (application every day) - the nail structure is strengthened - all micro-cavities are perfectly filled, the nails are thicker.

Systematic treatment min. 14 days - keratin fibers are thickened: the tile is perfectly sealed, hard and rebuilt.

100% tolerance - dermatologically tested: the product is suitable even for sensitised, extremely damaged nails


Apply in a thin layer onto cleaned nail plate. Use once a day every other day removing previous coat with Nail Therapy acetone-free nail polish remover. For maximum effect, use it for 3-4 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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D`Arcy Brookes
Not tried it yet

Sorry I haven’t tried the nail treatment out to review it.
All I can say,it’s an excellent price & a great shop to do business with.

linda harrison
nail product report

hi I have left feed back, thanks Your nail product is going ok as my nails are so poor due to the amount of chemo it will take a while but so far good improvements are made.

Splitting nails

Been using this product for a few weeks and canvreally tell the difference with my nails that split due to an illness

Carole Daly
Arrived on time

No comment as nail polish is nail polish

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