Farmona Herbal Care Black Rice Detoxifying Cream Every Skin Type Day/Night 50ml

Farmona Herbal Care Black Rice Detoxifying Cream Every Skin Type Day/Night 50ml

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Herbal Care reflects the philosophy of Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory: respect for tradition, the nature that surrounds us and so dependent on us human beings. Deriving from the wealth of herbal traditions, we based the recipes of our products on plant materials valued for centuries and innovative active ingredients.Hides only the most valuable in nature: selected raw materials with proven effectiveness.It contains nothing that is unnecessary in traditional recipes: parabens, paraffin oil, dyes, BHA, BHT, ethanol. The detoxifying cream with black rice and ubame coal has been developed for the care of all skin types. Its black formula was composed of natural ingredients valued for centuries, which regenerate, absorb impurities and act on the skin as a protective shield. The skin becomes radiant, smooth and more resistant to external factors day by day.

Rice oil smoothes the skin, nourishes and reduces over-drying,

Coal from the ubeinous tree captures and removes impurities and toxins, restoring the skin's radiant appearance,

Anti-Pollution complex protects the skin against damage caused by toxic substances such as heavy metals, gases and UV radiation,

Silk proteins create a protective film on the surface of the skin, making it pleasant to the touch,

Hyaluronic acid provides strong, immediate and long-lasting hydration, restores comfort to the skin.

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