Farmona Herbal Care Green Tea Normalising Face Cream for Oily Skin 50ml

Farmona Herbal Care Green Tea Normalising Face Cream for Oily Skin 50ml

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The cream contains gentle and natural active ingredients which guarantee high levels of care, whilst improving the condition and appearance of the skin. The specially developed, nutrient-rich formula effectively removes imperfections and mattifies oily parts of the skin, whilst at the same time refreshing the skin and improving its colour, leaving it feeling delicate and silky smooth. The light consistency and pleasant, delicate fragrance give a unique sense of comfort during application. 

Active Ingredients:

Green tea extract moisturises and regenerates the skin, and soothes its irritations.

Witch hazel extract decreases the tendency for blackhead to form and allows the skin to restore its balance and beautiful colour.

Bioactive Zinc-PCA inhibits the development of the bacteria responsible for acne and inflammations, while regulating the secretion of the sebum responsible for shiny skin.

Mattifying biocomplex gives excellent care of oily and combination skin, ensuring a comfortable and matt look throughout the day.

Shea butter – a natural UV filter to protect the skin against harmful external impacts and effectively smooth it.

The cream formula has been enriched with inutec – a natural prebiotic which increases the efficiency of the other ingredients as well as having a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, protecting it from drying and irritation.


-           highly regenerated and smoothed skin,

-           significantly less visible pores,

-           immediate and long-term mattifying effect,

-           improvement in colour of complexion,

-           effective prevention of imperfections.


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