Farmona Professional Revolu C White Night-Time Treatment with Vitamin C 5 x 5ml

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Farmona multi-level night-time treatment with a broad spectre of operation. Supports the effects of Revolu C White treatment. It is also excellent preparation for skin bleaching treatment. Recommended for skin with uneven pigmentation, blemishes caused by sun, acne, hormones and old age.

Set Contains: 5 Ampoules x 5ml

Triple Effect:

Brightening - reduces blemishes removing excess pigment from top layers of the skin and evens skin colour, extending effects of the treatment. Regulates synthesis of melanin and increasing skin immunity to new pigmentation changes.

Regenerating - stimulates the cellular regeneration system of the skin, rebuilds its structure by stimulating production of collagen and elastin.

Soothing - alleviates irritations and reduces redness, activates natural protection functions of skin.

Active ingredients:

Vitamin C - inhibits activity of tyrosinase, brightens the blemishes and prevents formation of new ones, illuminates the skin. Stimulates fibroblasts to collagen and elastin production.

Melaslow™ - deactivates receptors inducing the melanogenesis process, controls synthesis of melanin, efficiently reducing blemishes and preventing formation of new ones.

Sepicalm™Vg - soothes, regulates the process of pigmentation and lightens blemishes. 


Apply contents of the ampoule on skin avoiding eye area and leave until absorbed. Use at night-time. May be used also under cream. The treatment is recommended between procedures performed in a beauty parlour to sustain and extend their effects.

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