Farmona Professional Revolu C White Restructuring Night Face Cream 50ml

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Farmona Professional Revolu C White Restructuring night cream is recommended for the skin with pigmentation such as hormonal, acne, sun, and ageing. It is also suitable for grey and tired looking complexion.

Cream improves the appearance of dark spots by brightening and smoothing the complexion, moisturises, smooths and nourishes the skin.

Active night cream with comprehensive effects and concentrated power.

Recommended for regeneration of grey skin with blemishes, uneven colour and prone to pigmentation changes.

Triple effect: 

Brightening - gradual brightening of existing blemishes caused by sun, hormones and ageing. Inhibits activity of thyrosinase, thus evens skin tone.

Cellular Regeneration - stimulates processes of reconstruction and regeneration of skin.

Restructuring - regulates epidermal keratinization, ensures mild and gradual exfoliation of skin.

The power of Innovate Ingredients:

Vitamin C - inhibits activity of tyrosinase brightens the blemishes and prevents formation of new ones, illuminates the skin and improves its appearance, stimulates fibroblasts to collagen and elastine production, slowing down skin processes. 

Shikimic Acid - having a mild exfoliating property, improves skin hydration and reduces transepidermal water loss. 

Melaslow - reduces the intensity of pigmentation changes by regulation melanogenesis process.

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