Lirene Chia & Goji Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream - Conditioner 15ml

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What do chia seeds and goji berries give in the skin?

Chia seeds and goji berries are among the most popular superfoods in the world thanks to their high content of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins. Chia and goji extracts contained in the cream have a nourishing effect, providing the skin with many essential ingredients. They also support microcirculation and cell renewal, thanks to which the skin is regenerated and radiant. Above all, however, they have an antioxidant effect, as a result of which skin cells are protected against free radicals, and the skin is nourished and looks younger.

Reduction of Shadows and Signs of Aging:

The special formula of the CREAM-CONDITIONER is an essential complement to the care of the delicate skin around the eyes. The BrightEye complex contained in it strengthens the collagen fibers of skin cells and reduces the negative effects of UV rays. As a result, the delicate skin under the eyes is smoother and more elastic, and dark circles and bags are reduced.


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