Lirene Nature Eco Regenerating Night Face Cream - Mask with Kombucha Vegan 50ml

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Natura Fermenty is a line of natural vegan cosmetics that draws power from Kombucha - fermented black tea. This unique prebiotic moisturizes and firms the skin thanks to the richness of vitamins (B2, B6, B12, C) and acids. Kombucha has been closed in special liposomal envelopes that allow it to reach deep into the epidermis in a higher concentration.

Certified Natural Cosmetic:

Eco cream-mask provides optimal repairing skin care at night, when the regeneration processes are the most intense. It contains 99% ingredients of natural origin.

Night Regeneration:

While you are asleep, Rooibos extract (fermented red bush branches) stimulates your skin to renew, making it radiant, smooth and silky-soft in the morning.

Long-Lasting Hydration and Balance: 

Natural Canola, Almond and Shea butter oils and the PlantMoist complex strengthen the epidermal lipid barrier and deeply moisturize the skin. Zinc keeps the skin naturally balanced.


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