Molly Lac Nail Silicone Brush Decoration & Wiping Dust Size 1 Gold 2419

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Silicone brush for rubbing pollen into the tops without dispersion (no wipe). An additional functionality of the brush is its possibility to use it to form plasticine or gel for 3D decorations, and for gel and acryl-gel styling.

Irreplaceable and perfect for:

-       rubbing pollen and decorations

-       zircon application

-       applying and shaping the gel

-       shaping acrylic and 3D plasticine decorations

-       any activities related to creating styling

A metal casing resistant to chemical factors (e.g. contact with a cleaner), perfect balance of the brush and a decorative element made of zircon make it not only an extremely practical product in everyday styling work, but also an exceptionally designer one.

Silicone brushes are a revolution in decorating stylization and the next step in this field. They have many advantages that exceed standard bristle brushes. They guarantee the absence of air bubbles, falling out bristles, as well as extremely easy and quick cleaning without the use of any special liquids (just wipe the brush).

Packed in a protective transparent case.



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