OnlyBio Kombucha Light Moisturising & Matting Face Cream Day/Night 50ml

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Light moisturizing and matting cream with kombucha from OnlyBio is our way to improve the condition and appearance of combination or oily skin! The secret of its effectiveness lies in its two-way regulating effect: on the one hand, it moisturizes without weighing it down, on the other hand, it prevents the effect of excessive shine. It prevents the increased production of sebum - it is a defense mechanism of dehydrated skin, promoting clogging of pores and the formation of imperfections. Therefore, regular use of the cosmetic also helps in the fight against the symptoms of the so-called Maskne, i.e. acne that people wearing protective masks for a long time struggle with.

Not only kombucha:

In addition to kombucha, OnlyBio light moisturizing and matting cream also contains other natural ingredients that care for your skin. Aloe vera instantly hydrates and soothes irritations, and hemp oil with CBD works against acne and stimulates the epidermis to regenerate. Grapefruit nourishes, refreshes and restores balance. This combination makes the complexion look healthy and matte without the effect of drying.

Do you know that:

Kombucha is a drink with amazing cosmetic properties? To produce it, the tea must undergo a fermentation process, in which the tea mushroom (Japanese / Scoby) is involved - which we did ourselves in our laboratory. In this way, we obtained a unique ingredient, rich in vitamins (B, C) and minerals, which, among others, detoxifies, restores the skin's proper pH and is an antioxidant.

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