OnlyBio Ritualia Face Cream with 7 Rejuvenating Extract Day / Night 50ml

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Ritualia by OnlyBio rejuvenating cream with 7 extracts is a modern, rich formula with anti-aging properties. Jasmine, pomegranate, grapefruit, aloe vera, calendula, Asiatica and ginger extracts are powerful antioxidants. They support the renewal processes, stimulate collagen production and fight free radicals, thanks to which the skin is smooth, vital and healthy radiant.

It will delight you not only with its effectiveness, but also with the sensual scent of freshly harvested rose petals. The cream with OnlyBio seven extracts restores the youthful appearance of the facial skin also thanks to the nourishing base. It is made of shea butter and avocado oil, which intensely and gently care for your skin.

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