Pharmaceris H Stimuforten Intensive Hair Growth Stimulating Spray 125ml

Pharmaceris H Stimuforten Intensive Hair Growth Stimulating Spray 125ml

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Recommended for women and men with the problem of severe, periodic and premature hair loss.

It helps fight hair thinning and alopecia caused by genetics and hormones (androgenetic alopecia) and caused by environmental factors.

It effectively prevents hair loss resulting from long-term medication, stress, fatigue, weakening of the body (diet), and also due to a decrease in hormones, e.g. in women after childbirth.

Safe for sensitive scalp.

A specialized preparation with a unique combination of the active ingredients of the Natural Growth Factor FGF and caffeine, it has a two-way effect: it stops the process of hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair.

The complex works at the level of hair bulbs, improves microcirculation and oxygenation of cells. It slows down the aging of the hair, accelerating its natural growth and extending the life cycle of the hair (the anagen phase).

As a result, it inhibits premature hair loss, thinning and alopecia of various etiologies. The complex with scientifically proven effectiveness activates the genes of dormant hair follicles to grow completely new hair, the so-called hair, visibly increasing their number and reducing the visibility of the scalp.

Caffeine prevents genetically determined premature hair loss and alopecia by neutralizing the negative effects of hormones (androgens, DTH).

The preparation strengthens and thickens the hair, smoothes its structure and increases its volume.

It has a neutral pH for the skin, shows a high tolerance factor.

It does not make the hair greasy and does not weigh it down.

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