Barwa Bebi Hypoallergenic Soap for the Infants and Children 3 x 100g

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Hypoallergenic soap for infants and children Bebi® is a delicate soap for gentle care of the skin of newborns and children from the first days of life. Perfectly cleans and protects against irritation and minimizes the risk of allergies.

A delicate soap is suitable for the daily care of the body of infants and children as well as people with sensitive skin.

Action: Gently cleanses the skin of the hands and the whole body of babies and children from the first days of life. 

What make it special?

-           vegan recipe,

-           100% vegetable soap base,

-           contains chamomile extract, which has a soothing and protective effect,

-           perfectly cleans and protects the skin of children from the first day of life,

-           dermatologically tested.


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