Bielenda Body Boom Mattifying & Detoxifying Face Cream Day/Night Oily Skin 50ml

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I am a natural face cream, designed for combination and oily skin. I was created on the basis of a natural, vegan formula. I will take care of your skin as best I can, normalizing the secretion of sebum and leaving the skin smooth and soft to the touch. Thanks to its light formula, it does not burden the skin and helps to reduce the visibility of enlarged pores.

99% ingredients of natural origin

What Can I Offer You?

Mixed and oily skin needs special care. Thanks to natural ingredients, I refresh, regenerate and give a feeling of softness and smoothness. My formula does not burden the skin, soothes irritations on the skin, often resulting from anti-acne treatments. I am matting but not drying it. I make the skin look healthy and fresh. I am light, so I am perfect for everyday care, also under makeup.

I reduce the visibility of enlarged pores by neutralizing the secretion of sebum. I reduce the amount of blackheads and leave the skin smooth, matte and naturally beautiful.

Are you struggling with petty imperfections? Do you dream of perfectly smooth skin? Thanks to the active ingredients contained in my interior, you can be sure that your complexion will be as smooth and soft to the touch as never before.

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