Bielenda Botanical Clays Vegan Face Cream with Green Clay Oily Skin 50ml

Bielenda Botanical Clays Vegan Face Cream with Green Clay Oily Skin 50ml

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Vegan cream with light texture for everyday care of demanding combination and oily skin, prone to imperfections and shine, with visible, dilated pores.

A plant formula combines well-known and long-valued Green Clay and pure aloe vera juice, which ensures deep skin cleansing, detoxification and optimal hydration.

The cream improves skin appearance and condition, prevents excessive shine, reduces visibility of dilated pores and other imperfections, evens out the tone, adds a radiant glow to the skin, makes it soft and smooth.

Promotes processes of sebum secretion normalization, calms and soothes.

Effect: smooth, matt, well hydrated skin. Less visible pores, reduced skin blemishes.

Active Ingredients:

Green Clay- powerful antibacterial, detoxifying and cleansing ingredient that perfectly copes with the problems of combination skin which is difficult to care for. It absorbs toxins and impurities, accumulating on the skin, has a mattifying, astringent and drying effect, reduces formation of imperfections. Contains a wealth of micro and macro-elements that have a beneficial effect on the skin:

silica – regulates sebum production,

calcium, iron, phosphorus – stimulate skin cell regeneration,

selenium – eliminates discolouration, has an antibacterial effect, 

magnesium – have an antioxidant effect,

copper – it regulates the functioning of sebaceous glands

Aloe Vera Juice- rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as minerals, it has a long-lasting and deep moisturising effect and an extraordinary ability to store water, which prevents its loss from the epidermis. Promotes skin regeneration, improves elasticity, calms and soothes irritations.


Massage the cream into cleansed face, neck and cleavage every morning and evening.

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