Bielenda Camellia Oil Luxurious Rejuvenating Serum in Micropearls 30ml

Bielenda Camellia Oil Luxurious Rejuvenating Serum in Micropearls 30ml

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A luxurious serum with an innovative formula of oily, nourishing microbeads suspended in a moisturizing gel provides the skin with care based on the best Korean model of beauty care. The serum effectively improves the appearance and condition of mature skin. Deeply moisturizes, supports the revitalization and nourishment of the epidermis. It smoothes wrinkles, prevents sagging, improves the structure and elasticity of the skin. It restores the skin's beautiful color, radiance and glow.

The serum's potency is maximized on the skin at the time of application. The active micro-pearls break the skin and release the nourishing power of the camellia oil contained in them.


In addition to Camella Oil, it also contains:

Peptides stimulate the production of new collagen, thanks to which they actively reduce wrinkles and prevent skin sagging. They stimulate cell metabolism, which nourishes, firms and revitalizes the skin, and effectively improves its structure and elasticity.

Trehaloza is a strong moisturizing ingredient that retains moisture in the skin.


The unique properties of Camelia Oil, its beneficial properties for the skin, the richness and power of action meet the highest requirements and make the skin around the eyes smoother, firmer and nicely taut.


Every morning and evening, massage the serum into the cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Use alone or add to the cream from the same line. The serum enhances the effect of the cream, is quickly absorbed and is an excellent make-up base. After application, the so-called moisturizing droplets are visible on the skin. Water Drop effect, which, after massaging, create a silky serum that perfectly matches the skin.

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