Bielenda Doll Skin Natural Balmy Skin Make Up Primer Hydrating & Vegan 30ml

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Cosmically moisturized skin? Yes! With the natural Balmy Skin Primer Doll Skin make-up base, this effect is closer than you think. Reach for unearthly hydration, satin softness, fixation and extension of make-up, all in one light, insanely fragrant formula. 


You want more? Here you are! The base is

#naturallypositive = 97% ingredients of natural origin,

#microbiomefirendly = will provide your skin with support in protecting its microbiome,

#provegan = has a formula suitable for vegans and vegetarians,

#multitask = you can also use it as a cosmetic for everyday care,

#raspberrylove = contains raspberry extract, which will provide your skin with wonderful hydration,

#allskintypes = suitable for all skin types,

#crueltyfree = No animal suffered from its creation.

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