Bielenda Good Skin Acid Peel 5 Minutes Acid Face Peeling Scrub 30g

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Do you struggle with oily skin, combination skin, prone to imperfections? Reach for a 5-minute Bielenda Good Skin Acid Peel and your skin will be grateful.

The concentrated product is intended for skin with uneven color, dull and rough structure. Thanks to the combination of acids, it gently and effectively exfoliates, thanks to which it supports the reduction of many skin defects such as discoloration, imperfections, lumps or excessive sebum secretion.

AHA + PHA acid shows moisturizing and normalizing properties. In addition, they exfoliate unnecessary, calloused epidermal cells, which contributes to the fight against discoloration. Additionally, they prevent premature skin aging. When used regularly, they brighten the skin, improve its color and condition..

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