Bielenda Green Tea Hydrolate 3in1 Tones, Regulates and Soothes Skin 200ml

Bielenda Green Tea Hydrolate 3in1 Tones, Regulates and Soothes Skin 200ml

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Hydrolat in a gentle manner finishes the process of cleaning and refreshing the skin, restores its comfort and balance. Hydrolat tightens the pores, moisturizes and brightens.

The product is intended for daily toning and care of mixed skin. It avoids over-drying. It is delicate and gentle.


The basic active component of the hydrolate is Water Flower which was created in the process of distilling fresh Leave Green Tea with water vapor. It contains valuable herbal substances soluble in water. Hydrolat has invaluable care properties. It is non-alcoholic and delicate, and at the same time has a pH close to the natural pH of the skin. This is the perfect way to refresh the skin while minimizing the risk of irritation.

Enrichment of the formula with Tea Oil, sebum-regulating anti-acne Azeloglicine and Complex with the action of Anti-Ox and Anti-Pollution, improves the quality of the product, provides the skin with important and easily digestible minerals and improves its condition.

In addition to the care and conditioning function, the product is a kind of "shield" against air pollution and adverse environmental effects. Thanks to the Biopolimer content, it significantly reduces the penetration of suspended PM 2.5 into the depth of the epidermis and limits their destructive action. This allows you to keep the skin in good condition, slows down the aging processes in it and makes it stronger.


It works toning, slightly astringent, antioxidant and soothing, removes excess sebum, provides the skin with softness and a feeling of comfort.


Moisten the swab with liquid, clean the skin. Use in the morning and evening or during the day as a refreshing treatment. It does not require strong rubbing and rinsing.

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