Bielenda Vanity Soft Expert Face Hair Removing Cream Very Sensitive Skin 15ml

Bielenda Vanity Soft Expert Face Hair Removing Cream Very Sensitive Skin 15ml

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Vanity Soft Expert set is a safe depilation cream intensified by soothing balm. The set gives exceptional effectiveness and active care of particularly sensitive skin.


STEP 1: A velvety and delicate cream intended for expressing epilation, exceptionally gently and thoroughly removes even the shortest hair, makes depilation extremely effective and painless. The special contoured end of the tube allows you to conveniently and precisely distribute the required amount of wax in a specific place. The cream contains urea with a softening and exfoliating effect, preventing ingrown hairs. The composition of peach oil and allantoin additionally has a soothing and soothing effect of irritation, it prevents drying of the epidermis.

STEP 2: Extremely delicate compress with extremely gentle properties, properly cares for the skin sensitive and irritated depilation. Intensively soothes and moisturizes the epidermis, effectively slows hair regrowth and prevents them from ingrowing into the skin. With regular use, the milk is growing slowly, becoming weaker and thinner. The compress contains soothing substances as well as aloe and boswellia serrata with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Effect: Silky smooth and soothed skin, definitely longer between depilations.

Use: Using a spatula, spread the cream evenly over the washed and dried skin, do not rub. Leave for 5 minutes - if the hair is strong and thick, you can leave the cream on the skin a bit longer, but the total time of hair removal should not exceed 10 minutes. Use a spatula to remove the cream together with the hairs. Thoroughly wash the skin with warm water, do not use soap, dry it. Immediately after depilation, gently massage into the depilated places.

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