Bielenda Vegan Muesli Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin 50ml

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Moisturizing cream carefully selected active vegan ingredients, the cream formula ensures year-round active care of dry and dehydrated skin, as well as sensitive one. This beauty product intensely moisturises and refreshes the skin, restores its hydro-lipid balance and nourishes the epidermis. Eliminates the feeling of unpleasant tension and dryness. Its light texture does not burden the skin, nourishes it and is perfectly absorbed.

Coconut milk – it is a valuable composition of coconut oil and coconut water. It is the source of valuable nourishing substances, provides the skin with a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals and healthy saturated fatty acids. It has a strong hydrating, antioxidant and nourishing effect.

Wheat germ oil – it is characterised by the highest content of Vitamin E among all plant oils. It is effectively absorbed by the skin, regenerates and nourishes it. It perfectly restores the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, preventing moisture loss. The ingredient comes from organic farming.

Oats extract – the nutrients it contains sooth the skin, soften and moisturise it. It is characterized by a high content of Tocopherol compounds, it deeply penetrates the epidermis, restoring its firmness and flexibility. The ingredient comes from organic farming



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