Bielenda Vege Skin Diet Energia and Detox Day/Night Cream Tired Skin 50ml

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Vegetable cream with a light texture, rich in plant active ingredients: multifunctional artichoke extract, which supports the regeneration of the epidermis, thanks to the content of vitamins and microelements, moisturizing celery extract - a valuable source of energy, as well as most of the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that perfectly affect the appearance of the skin, parsley extract - with a lightening and illuminating effect, Ecoskin prebiotic - with a protective effect on the natural microbiom of the epidermis, supporting its regeneration and maintaining the proper pH level, moisturizing betaine and illuminating vitamin. C, natural oils: sunflower seeds and macadamia.

50 ml capacity


The unique light formula with an energizing and detoxifying effect spreads well, is skin-friendly, provides it with natural conditioning and brightening ingredients, noticeably softens and smoothes.


Perfectly moisturised, matt and regenerated skin with proper flexibility and firmness.

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