Neonail Manicure Cuticle Remover 7.2ml

Neonail Manicure Cuticle Remover 7.2ml

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Preparation softening the cuticles

Well-groomed skins are the basis of hand care. Cuticle Remover will help you remove them quickly and efficiently.

Effective action - 30 seconds is enough to soften the cuticles. Then, removing the callous epidermis and smoothing the cuticles around the nails is simple and safe. In addition, Cuticle remover prevents drying, cracking and the growth of cuticles on the plate.

Simple application - all you need to do is apply the preparation on the cuticles and leave for 15-30 seconds. Now it remains to remove them with a wooden stick or a metal hoof.

Consistency - a very fluid formula facilitates the application of the preparation to the entire cuticles, thanks to which the product is efficient.

Cuticle Remover may have deposits which you don't have to worry about. This is a natural phenomenon and is not a product defect.


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