OnlyBio Hair Balance Nourishing Hair Growth Rub - In Scalp Conditioner 100ml

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Onlybio has prepared a way for you to treat weak, falling out hair. The Hair in Balance nourishing lotion improves the condition of the scalp and the strands have ideal conditions for growth. As a result, they look healthy and beautiful, and the hairstyle becomes visibly thick.

What makes the product so effective? Plant extracts - from horsetail and fenugreek - are rich in vitamins and minerals. They strengthen and regenerate hair bulbs, preventing hair loss. On the other hand, capsaicin, obtained from chilli peppers, stimulates hair growth, thanks to which a lot of baby hairs appear on the head.

Onlybio nutritional lotion contains 96% ingredients of natural origin, which are gentle and effective at the same time. Can be used by vegans. 

How does it smell? An exotic pina colada! The combination of sweet coconut and refreshing pineapple is a recipe for a good mood! 

When to use? When you want to strengthen weak and falling out hair, as well as accelerate their growth.

How to use? Apply the product directly on the scalp, between the strands, then rub it in with circular movements. For a satisfactory effect, use the lotion regularly - every day or before each hair wash.

What effect? Nourished scalp and healthier hair, stimulated to growth.

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