OnlyBio Hair Balance Scalp Scrub Peeling with White Clay Vegan 125ml

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Scalp scrub effectively cleanses with natural, vegan formula of white clay, apricot kernels and lactic acid. A healthy and well-groomed scalp is a guarantee of healthy hair growth.

Scalp scrub from the Hair Balance line will remove dead skin cells and all styling and care residues. The hair follicles will be unblocked, which will normalize sebum secretion and rebound the hair from the roots.

When to use a peeling?

Once a week or when the scalp needs additional cleansing.

What is exfoliating?

White clay and apricot kernels will help get rid of built-up residues on the scalp after styling and care, a Lactic acid will gently remove dead skin cells.

How does it smell?

The refreshing scent of mint and coconut will take care of Your great mood!

Directions for use:

The product is applied directly to the scalp. Circular massage with movements. Rinse off.



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