OnlyBio Kombucha Fluffy Face Wash Foam Vegan 300ml

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OnlyBio fluffy face wash foam with kombucha, pomegranate and aloe works effectively and comprehensively, and at the same time does not irritate. Its basic task is to remove excess sebum, accumulated impurities or remnants of cosmetics, which the micellar fluid could not handle. Thanks to it, the skin is thoroughly cleansed - without the effect of tightening and dryness - and well prepared for further care treatments. After application, the skin remains fresh and matte for a long time.

OnlyBio fluffy foam with kombucha also deeply nourishes, detoxifies and restores the skin's proper pH, which allows it to maintain a healthy balance. The rich formula has antibacterial and soothing properties that will help you fight imperfections. It is an excellent choice for people struggling with the symptoms of Maskne, i.e. acne caused by wearing protective masks. Rubbing the material and the conditions favoring the development of microorganisms may worsen the condition of the skin, so now it is worth taking care of its condition.

Do you know that:

Tea fermented with the participation of the tea mushroom (Japanese / Scoby) is nothing more than a drink - kombucha, which is gaining in popularity. It is valued not only for its original taste, but also for the content of minerals and vitamins (B, C). We produced it ourselves in our laboratories and now we want to share its phenomenal cosmetic properties!

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