OnlyBio Ritualia Tranquility Glow Enhancing Face Serum 30ml

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The Ritualia by OnlyBio radiant serum is a sensational composition of concentrated ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin. They intensively nourish, support regenerative processes and improve the condition of the skin. As a result, your face is radiant and full of energy, harmoniously blending with your interior.

The serum acts as an illuminating elixir. Every day, it wraps and cares for the skin, providing it with valuable active substances. The modern, water formula of the OnlyBio glow-adding serum is rich in perfectly absorbable vitamin C and orange water. They are responsible for a young, fresh look of the skin and the improvement of its color. PGA acid is an innovative ingredient of plant origin that moisturizes it with extraordinary power. We have put the whole goodness of caring ingredients (vegan and 98% of natural origin) in a glass bottle.

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