OnlyBio Rypacz Intensively Cleansing Hair Shampoo Natural Vegan Formula 400ml

OnlyBio Rypacz Intensively Cleansing Hair Shampoo Natural Vegan Formula 400ml

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Rypacz shampoo from the Hair in Balance line is a unique product in the Onlybio offer, which will be the perfect complement to the set for conscious hair care. It intensively cleans both the strands and the scalp, removing impurities, caring additions or styling cosmetics residues. Thanks to it, you will get rid of excess proteins or sticking silicones. For this reason, it will be especially appreciated by people who use mild shampoos on a daily basis and from time to time need a more thorough cleansing of their hair and scalp.

Despite its strong action, Rypacz Onlybio does not contain detergents such as SLS or SLES. They are effectively replaced by Sodium Coco Sulfate, a natural cleaner made from coconut. Thanks to it, the hair is not only clean, but also tangle less when washing, and then it is easier to comb.

The formula is rich in many nourishing ingredients. Among them, there is nettle extract, which regulates the secretion of sebum, thus preventing the hair from becoming greasy. The clay prolongs the freshness of the hair and reflects it at the roots, while the horsetail extract nourishes it and stimulates its growth.

Onlybio's Intensive Cleansing Shampoo is vegan. It contains 98% ingredients of natural origin that care for the appearance and condition of the strands. The product can be used for both straight and curly strands.

How does it smell? The original combination of mint and coconut stimulates the senses!

When to use? Depending on individual needs - once a week or less frequently. Reach for Rypacz when your hair needs washing.

How to use? Gently massage a small amount of shampoo into the scalp. If you wash your hair often, you don't need to thoroughly clean it along its entire length - the foam that flows when rinsing the shampoo will do. The product is perfect for the OMO method.

What effect? Thoroughly cleansed hair and scalp.

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