Paese Long Cover Mattifying Face Powder 10 with Argan Oil 8g

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Compact powder with a light texture for normal, combination and oily skin. It can be used dry and wet. Great coverage with UVA and UVB sunscreen.


  • Pressed with strong nutritional properties.
  • Designed for oily, combination and normal skin. / For dry and wet applications.
  • Guarantees a strong coverage effect. / Perfectly preserve makeup.

Active Ingredients:

  • Vitamin E slows the skin aging process.
  • Argan oil deeply hydrates and reaffirms.
  • Allantoin has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, soothes, moisturizes and relieves irritations.


  • Powder formulated with Argan oil (rich in vitamin E, anti-aging, moisturizing and firming) Allantoin (prevents water loss and helps reduce small irritations) Zinc oxide (has anti-inflammatory properties).

Built-in mirror.

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