Pharmaceris H Stimulinum Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner 150ml

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The formula of the conditioner was developed especially for women and men with the problem of severe periodic and premature hair loss.

It helps to fight hair loss caused by genetics and hormones (androgenetic alopecia) and those caused by environmental factors.

Effectively prevents hair loss resulting from long-term medication, stress, fatigue, weakening the body (diet) and after pregnancy.

Safe for sensitive scalp.

The formula of the preparation is based on a unique combination of active substances of the natural growth factor FGF and caffeine.

Components of the complex, with scientifically proven effects, delay the processes of cellular aging, extending the life cycle of the hair, preventing premature alopecia and thinning hair of various etiologies.

They stimulate microcirculation and proper oxygenation of the hair follicles, stimulating them to build a new hair, accelerating their natural growth and thickening.

The formula enriched with strengthening and soothing ingredients (vitamin PP, D-Panthenol, biotin) restores the hair's natural volume and healthy appearance.

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