Phlov Overnight Beauty Trick! Micro-Exfoliating Night Essence by Anna Lewandowska 150ml

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Inspired by Korean skincare, an innovative form of essence that combines the benefits of a moisturizing serum and exfoliating toner. The fruit exfoliating complex enriched with organic AHA acids stimulates and accelerates the renewal of skin cells. It works effectively but in a gentle way. Thanks to the KombuchkaTM lipofilling technology, it smoothes and visibly improves skin tone and tone. The innovative prebiotic creates a friendly environment for maintaining the balance of the microbiome. Sugar beet betaine and polysaccharides provide long-lasting skin hydration.

Directions for use:

Use every evening on cleansed and dry facial skin. Apply with your hands until lather or with a cotton pad, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Do not wash off, wash your hands after application. The essence may cause a tingling sensation and warmth. This is a normal and transient reaction. During the day it is recommended to use UV protection.

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