2021 Make Up Trends - No Make Up Look

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One of the leading make up trends in 2021 is no make up look. It suits everyone and everything you wear. It's the kind of make up that will make you feel pretty.


Where to start?

Start from taking care of your skin. Well moisturised skin is the key. You can use a serum first or apply moisturiser straight away. It is really up to you and your own needs.
For someone like me, who always suffered with a very dry and tight skin, a serum is a must have. I do recommend Bell HYPOAllergenic Longwear Hydrating 2-phase Serum. I fell in love with this serum from the very first use.
Bell Hypoallergenic Longwear Hydrating 2-phase Serum
The serum intensively moisturises thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid and apricot kernel oil. It restores shine, flexibility and a sense of comfort. Thanks to its light formula, it is easily and quickly absorbed without burdening the skin.
If you have a mixed or oily skin you can reach out for a serum dedicated for that kind of skin, like Bell HYPOAllergenic Longwear Hydrating Nutritional Milky Drops.

It’s a crime not to prime!

Primer – it is not necessary the product that states “primer” on the packaging. You can use your usual face cream as your primer but avoid applying a make up directly on your bare skin. Primer will make the make up “stick” to your skin and easier to apply. It will protect it from the external factors. I do have my favourite primer and that’s Bell HYPOAllergenic Just Free Skin Color Balance Primer 💚
Bell Hypoallergenic Just Free Skin Primer
First of all the product evens out the colour and camouflages imperfections.  Soothes redness and irritation. Gives the skin healthy, radiant and rested look. Depending on my skin condition, I use the primer on its own or apply foundation.  
It's really up to you and how you feel whether to use a foundation or skip it.
I like Bell HYPOAllergenic Just Free Skin Foundation as it is very light and practically invisible.
If you're like most of the women and don't have a perfect cherub skin you might want to cover imperfections with a concealer but remember, in this case, less is more. Remember you don't have to cover everything. 🥰

Set it out!

Set everything with a light powder. Bell HYPOAllergenic Longwear Hydrating Face Powder with Hyaluronic Acid works really well for every skin type. It fixes makeup without weighing down the skin, restoring its glow and fresh look.
Bell Hypoallergenic Longwear Hydrating Powder with hyaluronic acid

Blush, blush, blush

For that healthy, radiant look use a delicate blush. Start at the apple of your cheeks and work back and upward toward your hairline. Most of the colour should stay in the front of your face for a youthful look. Make the best impression with fresh and natural skin.
Bell Hypoallergenic Fresh Blush Peach
Hypoallergenic Fresh Blush is a highlighting blush, which gently lifts up your cheeks and adds subtle shine. The blush is available in two unique shades: Golden Peach and Frozen Rose. Just apply the blush to the top of your cheekbones, temple and right above the external part of the brow ridge, on the hairline and jawline.
Now, quick touch to your brows. We recommend the tinted brow mascara for the most natural look.
For lips you can use a nude lipgloss or lipstick depending on your personal preferences.

Now it's time for perfect lashes!

And the last but not least - mascara. If I could choose only one product to use, it would definitely be a mascara.
Start from the very bottom of your eyelashes twisting the brush while stroking toward the ends. Don't over do it. The natural look is what we want to achieve.
You’re ready girl to conquer that world!

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